Open Face Chinese Poker: Starting Hand Anatomy

Type: 2-Pair
Subtype: Rainbow
Class: Cannibals
Subclass: Full Cannibals

This hand type is 2-Pair subtype Rainbow. All rainbow hands will contain two of one suit; in this case the suited cards are mostly irrelevant to hand's structure, 2-pair most often being set in the back row to draw to a full house royalty.

Commonly Set:

This hand falls into the class Cannibals, as the configuration provides fewer improvement draw options once split. The back row's primary draw is the remaining JJTT to complete the full house. The kicker Q♥ can be comfortably set in another row, but its only realistic improvement draw is QQQ. In this case the kicker is pinned to one edge of the spectrum by the two pairs, blocking any secondary draws to a straight. Thus the hand is put in the subclass Full Cannibals, as the two pairs do get in the way of the kicker's straight draws, and vice versa. The cannibalistic anatomy is more problematic in a hand like 66442, where 6644 is likely set in the back row, leaving the 2 with fewer draw options. But as QQ+ qualifies for Fantasyland in most games, this starting five is adjusted into a more cooperative outlook with the above setting.

Odds to hit the back row full house:
Standard Heads Up: 54% / 59% in position / out of position
Pineapple Heads Up: 71% / 76% IP / OOP
Pineapple 3-Handed: 71% / 76% / 81% UTG / UTG+1 / DEALER

Odds to pair the Q:
Standard Heads Up: 44% / 48%
Pineapple Heads Up: 60% / 65% IP / OOP
Pineapple 3-Handed: 60% / 65% / 70% UTG / UTG+1 / DEALER

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Anatomy Glossary: 2 Pair Classes

Rainbow: no more than two of the same suit occur in 5 cards.
Full Cooperators: kicker has straight draws in both directions unimpeded by either pair, e.g. A6677
Semi Cooperators: kicker has a straight draw in one direction with the other direction blocked by a pair, e.g. AJJ88
Semi Cannibals: kicker has straight draw in one direction with the other direction blocked by both pairs, e.g. AJJTT
Full Cannibals: kicker is pinned between or by both pairs, blocking all straight draws, e.g. JJ9TT

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